These are the answers to the most commonly asked questions ...

Are you really open every minute of the day or night?

1Q: Are you really open / available 24 hours?
A: 24/7 is written on everything, but we still get asked that question everyday. Yes, we are open and available 24/7, all holidays as well. We also always have a Live dispatch person answering the phones, never voicemail.
2Q: Can you deliver at 5:00 am?
Yes, before 7am & after 4pm rates are time & one-half ground rate.
3Q: How much weight can you carry?
A: An envelope up to 11,000 lbs.
4Q: Do you go out of state?
A: Yes , our Independent contractors can pick up & deliver out of state. They have smaller cars up to flat bed trailers. Please call for further information.
5Q: Can you tarp my items?
A. Yes, we have tarps to cover just about anything.
6Q: Do you have a truck with a lift gate?
A: Yes, every box truck is equipped with a lift gate
7Q: Will you deliver 40 boxes of paper to the 39th floor?
A: Yes, this would be considered an inside delivery.
8Q. What are your rates based off of
All of our rates are based on small package pick-up & deliveries which include the first 100 lbs. Thereafter .04 per lb. Please call for state wide rates or information on other types of courier service. Rush trucking is also available anywhere in the state.
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Are the beds of your big trucks level with our dock? Absolutely, loading docks are a standard height and we only purchase industry compliant trucks.

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